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How to Login Google Account with Backup Code

How to Login Google Account with Backup Code

When you need to use a backup code to sign in to your Google account, find your list and follow these steps:

Check your email and you will receive an excel file. Open the excel file and all the information is given there

Step 1: Enter your email in the option.

Step 2: Enter your secret password in the password option

Step 3: This option is very important Click on Try another way option here

Step 4: Click on Enter one of 8-digit backup codes option

Step 5: Enter a backup code in the backup code option and click on Next option

If everything is fine your account will log in properly then you can work as per your need.

Important link of Google Voice:

Google Voice Web:
Google Voice Android app:
Google Voice Apple app:

You can quickly change your account information through the following links:

🔑Change account password:🚪
📧Change recovery email:📩
📱Bind phone number:📞
🔐Enable two-step verification:🔒
🔐 Enable Backup codes: 🔒
💻Sign out of other devices:📴


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