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How to Login Google Account with Backup Code

When you need to use a backup code to sign in to your Google account, find your list and follow these steps: Check your email and you will receive an excel file. Open the excel file and all the information is given there Step 1: Enter your email in the option. Step 2: Enter your […]


How to Transfer Your Google Voice Number

Transferring your Google Voice number to another Google account or service is a straightforward process. However, you should note that transferring a Google Voice number comes with certain restrictions and limitations, so make sure you understand these before proceeding. Here are the steps to transfer your Google Voice number: Step 1: Access Google Voice Settings […]

Which is Better for International Calls – A Skype Number or Google Voice Number?

In today’s interconnected world, international calls have become an essential part of both personal and business communication. With the rise of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, making international calls has become more accessible and cost-effective than ever before. Two popular choices for international calling services are Skype and Google Voice. In this article, we […]

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